About us


We are a Singapore-based studio, focussing on the art of words. Our Studio works on original artworks, archival-quality prints and made-to-order keepsakes. We also design meaningful online and in-person experiences through our workshops.


Our Artistry

We love giving words a tangible form and expression. Known for work that is emotive and spontaneous, we seek to continue making art that refreshes the viewer; marked by a sense of hope, liberty and joy.


Our Story

With a background in design and advertising, founder of The Letter J Supply, Joanne, discovered her interest in calligraphy when she received a gift of a pen holder, nibs and a bottle of ink from a friend. Intrigued by the tools, she wanted to explore this art form. But it was only during a trip to New York that she had her first brush with calligraphy. Through a chance encounter, she met a calligraphy teacher whom she started to take lessons from. That became the turning point of her career, and life. That tactile quality of putting ink to paper drew her into the world of words. With a mere $200 she took a leap of faith, leaving the security of a full-time job and embarked on this new venture, learning the ropes of building a creative business from scratch. The mountains and valleys in the journey have in turn become the inspiration of her work – turning ashes to beauty. Her well-loved artworks have been described as “ribbons” on paper with a distinctive sensibility.