Melly and Ben

A nest for all things beautiful.


Tell us a little about the both of you - what did you study and how that led you to what you are doing now?

Ben’s a web developer, he has always worked in the world of the web since I knew him. He was a web designer and programmer when we met at our first job. Unrelated to his work now, but he studied engineering. Self-taught and just driven by his passion really.

My path’s a little more windy, I studied graphic design. I liked it but working as a graphic designer wasn’t my kind of fun. I knew deep down I always preferred something more hands-on, more close to the heart, but didn’t know exactly how to translate that into a job. Or was brave enough to dream about it really. Fast forward many years, with Etsy in existence, it became possible to find a like-minded audience who’d support my work.


How would you describe your home, and what do you like best about it?

We love it because it is everything we hoped to achieve with it. We’ve lived together in several rented homes before so with our first home, we looked back on our experiences. We knew what worked for us and also knew what we always wished we could have. The result is a home for homebodies is what I’d say it is.

How do your personalities translate into the space you live in?

Ben’s a cool character and savvy with gadgets. Our home now is pretty much a smart-home. I roll my eyes but it *has* help make life more convenient. He’s also a neat freak which means things are always in its place. It was his idea to have the grey brick wall in our living room because the guy mainly dresses in grey. As for me, I like practicality and I know what I need. That helps keep furniture to a minimum, I like to think. Strongly don’t like having nonsense lying around. And I’m all about editing decor. When I acquire new stuff, I’m okay with keeping older stuff in the storeroom if it doesn’t go with the current vibe I’m trying to achieve.

Share with us how the both of you like to enjoy the space together, as a couple, as well as individually.

Together, we hang out in the living room, watching Netflix, or him on the iPad and me with a book. We are guilty of having dinner in front of the tv too. Ben likes to hide out in the hang-out room in the afternoon some times. He has a small projector hooked up to Apple TV and he watches YouTube videos or plays games. I pretty much won’t join him in there unless we’re doing movie night!

I’m always fiddling around in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking for the two of us so mornings and evenings, I’m usually preparing something. The windows by my work desk is one of favourite things too. It’s not much of a view but I get to see the clouds and trees while on my computer.


Strongly don’t like having nonsense lying around. And I’m all about editing decor.

Melly, your pom poms are explosions of colour and cuteness, but your home and choice of clothing seem to be very mono-chromatic. Care to share a little more about this interesting juxtaposition?

I’ve always felt that disconnect! It makes me feel like I have a split personality. I can’t pinpoint why but I think it’s got to do with wanting my home to feel calm, quiet and easy. Bright colours don’t do that for me, in fact they tire me out.

What's your most treasured possession at home, and why?

My plants! Apart from the greenery they provide, they also remind you of the time past. Each one came home with me small and short. Now, the very first few plants I got, they’re all grown up.

What words do you live by?

No regrets. Be kind. Love yourself. Be open. Always be listening. Love animals.


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