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Joanne was lovely to work with! She was not only responsive but also accommodating and managed to roll out a large number of customized frames in a matter of a short few weeks, and the results were lovely!! My teammates absolutely loved it


I am a big fan of The Letter J Supply. I have a number of Joanne's pieces and seeing them in various places at home always makes me happy! They project beauty, creativity, authenticity, freedom, faith, purpose and a lot more. I love Joanne's attention to details. Even her wrapping is thoughtfully done. I am sure it won't be long before I get my next piece!


One of a kind artistry. Exemplary attitude. Always with a smile.

Lin Lim and Ng Tian It SINGAPORE

I’ve been a fan of Jo’s work from the moment I picked up her first series of black and white letterpresses postcards at Food for Thought many years back. When she ventured into calligraphy, it was a breath of fresh air. She has always endeavoured to co-create with God and that flow and spirit of excellence has really brought her from glory to glory. Having learnt under her at her workshops and also commissioned pieces with her, I have had nothing but doubled satisfaction and pleasure! In her teaching she has taught not only fine technique but also a positive spirit to bring to the nib and paper. In her works, her strokes have brought life, joy, comfort and relief to many spaces and occasions. There are many calligraphers out there, but none like Jo.


Jo is a talented and passionate artist. Truly love her every piece that speaks life to myself or when gifted to others.

Natalie Ha Singapore

I've been a big fan of Joanne's works ever since she started The Letter J Supply. When I moved into my own home, I've collected several of her pieces including some originals and I will rotate the display every now and then. My favourite piece is the Serenity Prayer piece which I commissioned from her a few years back. It now hangs proudly in my living room. I will definitely continue to support Joanne's work, now and in the future!


With Joanne’s artwork being the star of my little corner, it has definitely become my favourite place to dwell in! 🥰 One for me and my guests to draw inspiration from! Joanne was attentive to my requests and was really helpful to update in every progress of the artwork’s customisation process. Am a happy customer and will certainly be back again!


I attended Jo’s class with a bunch of girlfriends earlier this year. It was lighthearted, fun, and she was very encouraging. It’s great for people who are serious in wanting to pursue calligraphy and take it another notch because she’s very professional and skilled, but works for folks like me as well who has zero background and just want a fun session!


A lovely modern calligraphy session with Joanne. She is patient, encouraging and most importantly, she is able to pinpoint the reason behind why I couldn't nail my writing and she offers practical tips that work. I've been to another calligraphy workshop a few year's back and I feel Joanne is able to coach me better as she has a deep understanding of the craft. On top of that, I'm a left hander and calligraphy is extremely difficult for lefthanders as most materials and tools are designed for the right. Yet, through Joanne's teaching of the rationale behind the techniques, I'm able to find a way to write that suits left-handers. I'm definitely inspired to continue with the practice & I wish the calligraphy session was longer!


I have followed Joanne's works on IG for awhile, and have always found her brush strokes to be very therapeutic for me. So when I moved into my new home, I approached Joanne to do a customised piece. And it turned out really great! Joanne is very approachable, and she was so patient with me who is a complete noob at such things. She is such a professional and so good at what she does, and at the same time very grounded and understanding. Will definitely get more of her pieces in future!


I had an existing artpiece at my dining table but felt the atmosphere seemed dull. I wanted to get a new piece of artwork that would liven up my space. I approached Joanne to commission her to do a piece for us. During the discussion she asked some insightful questions and it led to creating an artwork that encompasses our family values. We were so excited when the painting arrived. Once we changed out our existing painting with the new one, I could feel the mood of our dining space changed to one that was joyful and lively. Our whole family loved it!! Thank you very much Joanne!!


I try to learn Calligraphy via watching various YouTube channels. However, after attended the modern calligraphy session with Joanne, it was amazing to note that my calligraphy writing has improved. I am glad that I attended the session. Joanne shared many tips on tools and where to get calligraphy resources. Thank you Joanne for the calming as well as an encouraging session!


I love Joanne works, they are unique and beautiful. She is creative and always come with new ideas for her artworks. All her artworks are great for own collection and as gifts for friends. I’ve gotten some for friends housewarming and opening of new offices. The materials she used are also of very good quality. Highly Recommended!

Raymond Tong SINGAPORE

Loves Joanne's works. bought a couple of her lettering works for friends. Felt it makes a meaningful gift and her words always bring life and joy.

Genevieve Chia SINGAPORE

Attended a Brush Calligraphy workshop at Wild Olive Branch conducted by Joanne on 22nd June. Joanne is such a professional. Her materials were very thoughtful and the pace of the lesson was good. The class was very relaxed and she was very encouraging. Joanne was also very knowledgeable at what she was teaching. I had a great time there and looking forward to attending her other workshops.


Joanne’s brush lettering workshop is really good, especially for beginners. She goes into the granular details like how to hold a brush, how to care for your materials, and useful tips. The guides were simple to follow and the materials she gave were of great quality. She takes the effort to look at our practice sheets individually and give advice on how to further improve. The techniques I picked up from her built a really good foundation that helped me a lot!

Miaoting Chia SINGAPORE

Have engaged Joanne for school workshops and today's session was exceptionally SPECIAL! Our students were so engrossed and did their artwork on spreading awareness with so much PRIDE! Joanne was excellent in tailoring the sessions to meet the needs of our pupils! Looking forward to more sessions in the future!!


I commissioned Jo to create something special for the cover of my Festive Guide. She did an amazing job! She is super accommodating, understanding and so patient. I would work with her again and again. Love her passion in her art.

Sharon Carvalho SINGAPORE

Had a wonderful day learning calligraphy with friends from Joanne. It's not easy to write beautifully but Joanne makes it look so effortless. She's such an inspiration!


Had a super fun time learning brush lettering w Joanne today! She was really patient and systematic at teaching us - from basic strokes, to letters, to joining them, and then to blending colours!! I’m so glad she decided to embark on this journey to teach others what she’s passionate about. Thanks for sharing your story and your love for art w us


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